Did You Know?

That in girls/womans lacrosse (contact sport) that below is the only required protection…

Thats right, only an eyemask and mouth guard.  This is a great sport to maybe do a study on adding more protection and the increase in head injury.  The thought is that with just the eyemask and strict rules about contact to the head the player is safe.

My two cents are that if you keep the strict rules but add head protection then the incidence of head injuries from balls, sticks and falls will be reduced.

One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. Felicia Fowler June 3, 2014 / 08:03

    The Rule the Boy’s must wear helmets in Lacrosse and Girls are not allowed is so crazy – the reason is this:
    It will give the girls a false sense of security and they will play rougher

    Are they kidding me – Girls Lacrosse has become more competitive then ever – Middle school girls are being sought out by colleges
    My Daughter has received her 4th concussion from Lacrosse- yes I should have pulled her out before this – but she is so good and loves it so much
    A helmet in her case would have prevented each concussion –
    I have hired an attorney – not to receive money but to change the Girls Lacrosse rule about helmets – it should be required!!
    Please e-mail me if your daughter or any girl you know received a concussion during a Lacrosse game or practice – I need your help

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