Friday Night Lights (Week 6)

Had the morning off today and really was just sittn’ around thinking about things.  One topic that I had with myself was about the concussions I have seen at school.

I told a mother the other day that I did not believe that there were more concussions, just that they are now being reported more frequently.

Then I caught myself typing in the previous post about how I felt there are “more concussions than usual”.

During my 15 minute conversation with myself, while watching some Ryder Cup, I am firmly convinced that there are not more concussions than usual.  Last year at this time I had 4, and the previous year I had 3, this year is 6 at the beginning of October, so it looks like an increase…  BUT, at least two were spotted and reported to us by teammates, and another was one that I was highly suspicious of, due to knowing the personality of the individual.  So in reality we have a steady number as the past, if there was not heightened awareness from all involved.

That brings me to the point of the self conversation…  135,000 ER concussions reported in under 18-year-old individuals, I would venture to guess that there is 10x that total each year…  Which means we are missing roughly 1.2 million concussions, and there are 1.2 million kids struggling with post-concussion syndrome.Now on to the game tonight…  We have our longest road trip of the year, and as a group although we are 1-4 (losing to teams with a combined record of 17-3) things seem to be good.  Tough to start the year in such a hole but that is what the schedule was.  In Illinois you must be 5-4 to make the playoffs, which means the team has to run the table.  It is possible, anything is possible, but it will not be without some major challenges.

We get back one of our concussed players, who has been out two weeks, giving the team some much needed depth, and the previously banged up players are about as healthy as they are going to get.  Only three of the 10 injured varsity players remain out completely (2 with concussions), so that is good.

I am looking forward to the game tonight, for one reason, to see how the team handles playing against a team that we are not major underdogs against.  In the games versus the top tier of opponents the team has played well for almost 2 quarters against all of them, either having a lead or tied at some point before half time, only to cave under the pressure.

Also, I have eluded to the fact that I have had a student athletic trainer working with me, she has progressed to the point of being confident and comfortable with the job.  I must say that her hard work and learning have made me lose some sharpness of my skills.  I really appreciate her and hope that our hospital can hire her when she graduates.  She will be a GREAT athletic trainer!

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