Concussion Editorial

From Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun Times.

Clearly, nobody is in favor of brain trauma. The problem is the safeguards and preventative measures needed to protect all who might be head-injured playing football could bankrupt most child and adolescent programs.

It might surprise you to know this, but according to a study by University of Illinois kinesiology professor Steven P. Broglio, high school football head impacts exceed those at the college level. Why is not known, though the disparity in size and development of the players seem to be factors. But it shows you for sure that even pencil-necked kids will lay the lumber.

One thought on “Concussion Editorial

  1. Tom Pope March 22, 2013 / 11:31

    Mr. Telander. I must be missing someting ? After reading your column in this Fridays Sun- times , i have to ask myself ; do you really feel how your write? I hope not. You can’t feel that the Bears are going to miss Urlacher and feel sorry for him. Over his 11 years on the Bears he was paid aprox. 12 million dollars each year. That’s about 170 games that he did play. That’s about 76 thousand dollars a game. In which he only plays half the game and not all the defensive plays at that. You think he can’t be replaced in the locker room. That is over-rated in the pros. it’s a business. People come and go in all businesses , but 99% of then don’t get paid to play a game for six months. When Urlacher wouldn’t talk to the press or if he did he gave one word answers ; did you feel sorry for him then? How about when he criticized the fans for booing the Bears and declared that he doesn’t care what they think. He won’t be missed. Not by the fans , players , coaches and certainly not the owners. Thanks, Tom Pope

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