New Mouthgaurd

We have not discussed the mouthgaurd thing here as of yet, but let this be the beginning of it.  Many different types have been made and some with the distinction of “preventing” a concussion.  However over time more and more studies have shown that mouthguards have little to no prevention of concussions.

Now the Cleveland Clinic is about to run out a new mouthgaurd that is said to possibly prevent concussions.  But I believe that the context of that title has zero to do with the bio-mechanics of being hit, and all to do with the telemetry from the technology.  This new mouthgaurd is going to have accelerometers that will measure hits, like the helmet technology out there currently.

Wearing a mouthgaurd protects your teeth and at the very least “could” prevent the mandible from slamming into the skull, but is negligible in preventing concussions.  Don’t be fooled by the promises that they make.

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