NFL Player Returns then is Out

The Cleveland Browns had a similar situation, as Stewart Bradley in Philly, this past weekend.  Tight end Evan Moore took a shot from Kansas City Chief Kendrick Lewis and was “rocked”.

According to Tom Withers of the AP

After going down, Moore shook his head as he has done after taking big hits before and jogged to Cleveland’s sideline, where he was met by team trainers. He felt normal and told them so. The 6-foot-6, 250-pounder had taken jarring hits and figured this was just another one.

“It was a good hit,” Moore said, “but I didn’t black out or anything. When I took the hit, it wasn’t something where I felt like I had a concussion. I felt like I just took a good hit and came off and coach said, ‘Are you all right?’ I said, ‘I’m fine.'”

Evan left the field and was met by the medical staff, who in under two plays, returned him to the game.  Again Moore thought he was just fine until…

Back in the huddle, Moore listened to quarterback Seneca Wallace call the play, then lined up for a third-and-8 play. He still felt fine. Seconds later, he wasn’t.

“I ran a route and didn’t feel right,” Moore said Thursday as his teammates dressed for practice. “So I told the trainer, ‘Something happened, this just ain’t right.'”

He was removed from the game at that point and given the diagnosis of concussion.

I think there are some lessons that we need to take from this;

  1. the effects of a concussion may be delayed in a high adrenaline situation
  2. 2 plays/4 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to evaluate
  3. there should be a standard wait time for suspected head injuries
  4. players are more aware of this injury

Read the entire story here.

2 thoughts on “NFL Player Returns then is Out

  1. mnhopper1s September 24, 2010 / 08:27

    When we suspect a concussion here, it’s an automatic 20 minute observation period. RTP is determined at this point..

  2. Dustin Fink September 24, 2010 / 08:40

    That time has been a standard number for a long time… That recommendation was set with Cantu, and I feel it is a good time to wait… I think with professionals the “tough guy” mentality is so prevalent that its a quick gloss over and return if they answer correctly…

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