Marc Savard Continues with Post-Concussion Effects

Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins took a big hit last year while playing in the regular season.  He was scratched from playing for 20 games leading up to the playoffs.  Then as expected symptoms cleared and he passed his required testing and given an all clear for return during the NHL Playoffs.

But as we know or SHOULD know…

Concussions are NOT linear in recovery.  They are very unpredictable by nature, and with this being the case Savard is now being held out of the Bruins pre-season skates with post-concussion effects.

The important thing to note is that it does not necessarily take another blow/trauma to reignite the problem, it can take a trigger like bright lights, loud noises or even stress.  As the brain functions it uses chemicals and hormones to do its work, and when a concussion occurs the receptors or deliverers of said chemicals/hormones are affected.  Thus, when there are stresses put on the brain, be it exercise or life there is a chance that the symptoms will return.

This my friends is what concussion education is all about, and we are learing first hand, through people like Marc Savard what in fact we are facing going forward.

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